The main benefit of CrossFit

CrossFit is a circle workout during which a set of exercises is performed as quickly as possible. The main advantage of CrossFit is comprehensive physical preparation, so there is no need to alternate CrossFit with other types of physical activity. If you are not ready to hit the gym or start training with a coach, we will show you how to do CrossFit exercises at home and what you need for this.

What is needed for training?

If you decide to do CrossFit at home, you will need some things and equipment that you can easily buy at any shopping center:
  • Comfortable sportswear;
  • Sneakers with a rigid sole for fixing the foot;
  • Calipers on the knees (if there are problems with them);
  • Gymnastic mat;
  • Dumbbells;
  • Rope.

What exercises does a workout consist of?

  1. Burpee. This training includes jump, squat and plank, and is one of the most effective for girls! Be sure to include it in your program to achieve excellent results: toned legs, beautiful abs and toned body. Another advantage of the exercise is the combination of cardio and strength training.
  2. Squats. Girls adore squats – they must be in every workout! Squats perfectly pump the hips and buttocks, and we recommend performing them with additional weight in the form of dumbbells. Start with a kilogram on each arm and gradually increase the weight. Push-ups. CrossFit exercises include classic push-ups that pump the pecs and triceps. If you want your arms to be beautiful and fit, do not forget about push-ups and always do the exercise correctly.
  3. Plank. It is difficult to imagine CrossFit for girls without such an exercise as a plank. It is thanks to her that you will become the owner of cubes on your stomach, toned priests and beautiful hands, so do not try to neglect her. There are several types of planks that you can master in training.
  4. Sit-ups. There are many different sit-ups that will help pump the abdominal muscles. Use different types from workout to workout to make your tummy look just perfect. An excellent option is from a prone position, pulling the legs and arms to each other at the same time.

How to build a workout?

We start the workout with a warm-up so that the body is ready for physical activity. As a warm-up or additional endurance work in a circle training, you can use jumping rope. Usually consider the number of jumps or the period of the exercise. If all this already seems too simple, you can count the number of jumps per unit of time. This is followed by the main part, consisting of five circles. After each round, you can allow yourself a few seconds of rest, but try not to have it at all – this is the essence of intensive CrossFit training. At the end, it is desirable to stretch.

Program #1

  1. Burpee – 10 times;
  2. Squats – 20;
  3. Rise to the feet from a prone position – 30 times.

Program #2

  1. Rope – 50 times;
  2. Burpee – 5;
  3. Squats – 10;
  4. Sit-ups – 10;
  5. Plank – 3 times for 40 seconds, with a pause of 20 seconds between sets.

Program # 3 (perform exercises for 20 minutes without stopping)

  1. Burpee – 10 times;
  2. Squats – 10;
  3. Push-ups – 5;
  4. Sit-ups – 5;
  5. Rope – 30;
  6. Plank – 3 times for 45 seconds, with a pause of 20 seconds between sets.
Such a complex will prepare your muscles and cardiovascular system for more difficult and intense workouts. Consider this style of exercise if you’re looking to shed excess fat, build your cardiovascular system, and improve your metabolism. Some types of programs allow you to work on strength and endurance.