Benefits of cardio zone for beginners

The cardio zone, which includes a treadmill, elliptical trainer, recumbent and upright bikes, is very popular among fitness clubs. The main task of any cardio training is the correct effect on the cardiovascular system in order to maintain overall health. But the main positive effect of such an impact is that with a properly selected load and duration of training, the body begins to use subcutaneous adipose tissue as an energy source for muscles. In other words, cardio is a great way to lose weight.

Why do some people choose CrossFit?

Have you ever thought about CrossFit? CrossFit is now not extremely popular, but is in demand. CrossFit is strength training that simultaneously combines endurance work and a large number of CrossFit exercises where good coordination is required from you. Even in CrossFit training for beginners, the initial physical stress is such that the client is 20 minutes from the lesson, so that he no longer has any desire to continue training. In other words, if your fitness level is very low, plus you have some health problems (especially from the cardiovascular system or with the spine), you need to take CrossFit lessons as seriously as possible. One of the key exercises in CrossFit, besides the burpee, which terrifies any beginner, are such strength exercises from weightlifting as snatch and jerk. It is true that CrossFit movements that put a tremendous stress on the spine can lead to serious injuries to the back, as well as to the joints of the legs and arms. Therefore, if you want to try CrossFit, be sure to consult with a trainer, naming all possible health problems.

What is attractive in martial arts?

They are no less popular. Indeed, if we exclude the aggressive component of the direction, martial arts are both an excellent type of cardio load and activities that develop endurance, coordination and agility. But absolutely for any kind of martial arts, a high level of injuries is characteristic. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand why you need martial arts, and whether you can do them at all, if, as I said earlier, you may initially have certain health problems.

What to choose as a beginner?

If you find it difficult to decide, you can start with group training. Here you will find classes not only based on your level of preparation, but also for the soul. One of the biggest blocks can be attributed to aerobic classes, the main purpose of which is to work on reducing body weight. Moreover, classical aerobics (step) and dance lessons are also very popular among such classes. One of the most intense areas is cycling, or imitation of a bicycle race on special simulators. Throw in all sorts of yoga classes, Pilates, as well as group lessons in the water (from aqua aerobics to aqua box) – and you get a great choice of lessons that are right for you. Here, in order to understand where to go, either a club manager or a fitness consultant will come to the rescue, as well as a trainer in a specific direction, who will guide you in the limitations and effectiveness of classes in his group. It is also a good option to go to the gym and work out with a personal trainer. For those who also want to lose weight, training in the gym will be a great help in achieving this goal. After all, the more muscle mass you have, the more energy you need to provide it during training and in everyday life – which means that the body will be more efficient at burning extra calories that you can afford to consume during the day.