Forging Fitness

Established in 2008, we have the tools to help you become the best you.

Village Style Fitness

We believe that with a community of passionate people, behind you—you cannot fail, and you will get strong.


Our staff and locations are equipped to set you up for success.

Family First

Our family-friendly atmosphere and daycare services make people of all ages feel more than welcome.

What to Expect

Weight Training

Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and various ever-changing anaerobic movements to build muscle. Weight lifting burns fat as well as building strength and tone.


"Metcon" -or- Metabolic Conditioning- We incorporate cardio drills, interval training (Tabata), running and rowing, as well as tire flips, sledgehammers, and lots of other fun ways to keep your body guessing.

Old Style Training

Time-tested training methods such as kettle bells and medicine balls are staples in the successful formula that is Crossfit.

Speed and Flexibility

From sprints to sled drags, mobility training and athletic stretching regimes, Crossfit takes the basics and elevates them to advanced levels.


Contact Us

I'm a Crossfitter from out of town, can I drop-in for a class?

Absolutely.  We love guests!  Just pick a class or program based on your level of experience,  respect our stuff while you're here, and be reasonably nice to the people you meet.  We will take care of the rest.  Drop-in classes are $20, or buy a shirt and train for free!

Which class or program is right for me?

Listen.  No matter what level of fitness you're at, we have a place for you.   Seriously. We do. Come on by and we will get you plugged in.  It will be worth it-- you are worth it.


I'm interested in Crossfit Salem and West Salem but I have some questions. 

Not a problem, we are here to answer all the questions you have...and then some.   Simply fill out the form and your Q's will be emailed to us instantly.  You can be certain we will respond to you as soon as we possibly can!  And for urgent matters, feel free to call us directly at (503) 931-7727 or find us on Facebook.



If you are currently a member of Crossfit Salem or Crossfit West Salem and wish to make changes to or cancel your membership, simply fill out one of our  Change Request Forms below to let us know.  We are happy to help!

*Keep in mind that changes and cancellations being requested for the next billing cycle must be received by the 20th of the month.  After the 20th, all requests will be processed for the next following billing cycle.*

So, READY TO begin?



You won't be disappointed.