South Salem Facilities

3589 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Ste 100
Salem, OR 97302

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CROSSFIT SALEM is a  premier functional fitness facility in South Salem.  We strive to bring you the most innovative and top of the line stength and conditioning equipment available- and even more, it is our high priority to ensure there is enough of it for each and every one of our members to utilize for the best possible workout, even at the busiest times of day.  You are inportant to us and we reinvest in the facility to show you that every single day.



  • TWO main workout spaces: a large area boasting 5,000 sq. ft. and a smaller studio with over 2,000 sq. ft. designated for special programs such as CFS Kids, BASICS, and personal training sessions.
  •   50′ Rogue pull up rig able to hold 40+ people doing pull ups at the same time
  • Specialized power lifting and olympic lifting stations including jerk racks,  wood lifting inserts, and high performance oly bars and plates
  •   Highly sought after endurance  training equipment such as Ski-Erg’s,  Concept-2 rowing machines and True Form Treadmill
  • And of course, dedicated muscle up stations, weighted jump ropes, and over 15 climbing ropes ensuring every aspect of your Crossfit experience is maximized.
  • Quality PROSHOP supplies bringing you vetted protien powders and supplements you can trust, workout gear, and CFS apparrel fashionable enough for any occassion.
  • Daycare room for your kids to enjoy with hired staff so you can be sure you’re loved little ones are safe.
  • Locker rooms with secureable lockers for rent and showers to make sure we get you off to your next adventure feeling (and smelling) great!





Along with all the other great amenities , all members have access to an in-house massage therapist, Darci Adams, with For Your Health Massage, LLC.

Contact Darci for a customized massage to assist you in recovery and optimize your wellness:

|  Fibrotic tissue reduction  |  Massage strain-counterstrain  |  Myofacial release  |  Deep tissue  |  Taping  |


Darci Adams, PTA, LMT

For Your Health Massage

503 910-9146