Tue 10-9-18

General Warm Up 2
D&B High Knees
10 Squats
D&B Butt Kickers
10 Lunges
D&B Bear Crawl
10 Push Ups
D&B Side Shuffle
10 Good Mornings
Arm and Shoulder Rotations
Banded Arm/Lat stretch from the rig
20 Band pass throughs & pull aparts
Leg Blaster 5000 (10×1)
10 sets of the complex: 3 front squats, 2 front rack lunges, 1 thruster (all at the same weight)
Complete for time: (chipper style)
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps (30/24")
Run 800m
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14#)
Run 400m

Basics: 200/400/200 run. 30 box, 30 WBS
Int: 400 each round (no 800), adj height of the box and wall ball weight to your level
Adv: as written

Be sure to do the following:
– Wait to clean up your stuff until the last person is done, cheer them on, stay focused on the community we need to stay motivated, help others by pushing them through the last few reps!