Thur 12-7-17

General Warm Up 4
Row 500m then 2 rounds of:
30 sec. goblet squat hold (with KB)
10 Squats
20 leg swings each leg
30 sec. lunge stretch each leg
20 Torso twists (with KB)
12 Yoga push ups (hold head through the arms to finish)
Handstand Push-ups (Skill Work 20:00)
Basics: 20 regular push ups, 20 pike push ups, 20 wall kick ups or wall walks
Int: 15 kick ups + 5 sec. hold, 20 attempted kipping HSPU
Adv: 50 kipping reps at deficit (hands on 25# plates) OR 50 strict HSPU in 20:00
6x 500m rows for total time, rest as needed between.

Basics Class: AMRAP 14:00
Lunge D&B
10 Ring rows
10 KB swings